Magnificent castle fortifications
that combine Edo period technology
with Momoyama period views
of castle construction

Shimabara Castle was built by Lord Shigemasa Bungomori Matsukura over a period of seven years from 1618(4th years Genwa). Centering on the five-story castle tower, 16 large and small turrets in the Honmaru and Ninomaru areas and 31 flat turrets in the outer circle were placed in key locations.

Surrounded by a large-scale Yahazama wall measuring 5,320m in total, it was a magnificent castle that combined the stone wall construction techniques of the early Edo period with the Momoyama period style of castle construction, including corridor bridges and groups of mirror stones.

Later, it experienced actual warfare in the "Shimabara-Amakusa Revolt" in 1637(14th years Kanei), and despite the historical catastrophe of the "Shimabara is causing quite a nuisance in Higo" of the great collapse of Bizan and tsunami in 1792(4th years Kansei), Shimabara functioned for 250 years as the seat of the Shimabara clan, and Shimabara became the political, economic, and cultural center of the Shimabara peninsula.

In 1873(6th years Meiji), Shimabara Castle was sold to the private sector in accordance with the "Abolition of the Castle" ordinance, and the castle tower and turrets were regrettably dismantled by 1876(9th years Meiji), but the castle tower was restored in 1964(39th years Showa), and Shimabara Castle is the pride of Shimabara citizens.

Events Related
to the 400th Anniversary
of the Castle