400th Anniversary

We have reached our goal for the crowdfunding project “Let’s smile and celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle”!

Thanks to your support, we have reached our goal of 4 million yen!
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We want to create a “milestone” together!

Shimabara Castle, a masterpiece of Japanese castle architecture that has survived many disasters, will celebrate its 400th anniversary next year in 2024. In recent years, the castle has become a castle that is loved by the people and walks along with their smiles, such as the reconstruction of the castle tower by volunteers 60 years ago. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle, a number of events are planned for 2024. The New Year’s Eve “countdown event” will be the beginning of this event! The purpose of this crowdfunding is not only to make the countdown event more exciting, but also to make the 400th anniversary of the castle’s construction more exciting for everyone and to connect it to the next 100 years. We would appreciate your participation and support.


Take a step forward into the next history

We have planned a countdown event in the hope that all of you who have feelings for Shimabara can join us in welcoming the start of the 400-year year that begins here. The timing of blowing off the fatigue of the past year and then welcoming a new year is most appropriate to let out what has been hard and painful up to this point and to take a step forward into the next history. In addition, this countdown event had actually been held in the past with the cooperation of local artists, but had not been held for three years since 2020, when the Corona disaster struck. This is the first countdown since the relaxation of the mask requirement, and its return after a four-year absence is truly a symbolic milestone after the Corona disaster. We hope to start the next step toward the 500th anniversary of the castle with this event.

[Previous Event] Group photo with performers.


[Previous Event] The line for the simultaneous New Year’s Eve bell ringing.

•The theme of the event was“Smiles”.
We are also planning to invite comedians to perform live!

【Group photo of performers】

・Nagasaki Tei Kiyo Champon
Born in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, he has been active as a live-in geisha in Nagasaki Prefecture since April 2011. Currently, he appears regularly on ncm Nagasaki Cable Media, NBC Nagasaki Broadcasting’s “Nanden Cafe” and KTN TV Nagasaki’s “Marutto! He is currently making regular appearances on ncm Nagasaki Cable Media, NBC Nagasaki Broadcasting’s “Nanden Cafe” and KTN TV Nagasaki’s “Marutto! He uploads “Nagasaki Aru Aru Video” on Youtube. He is a fish comedian who has passed the first level of the Japan Sakana Proficiency Test (TOTOKEN). He is also the first tourism ambassador of Hirado City and a PR ambassador for various cities, towns, and villages in Nagasaki, and is currently working hard to enliven his hometown!

・DJ Dainoji
Born in Saiki City, Oita City. Nobuhiko Otani and Yosuke Daichi, who were classmates in junior high school, formed Dinoji in 1994. He became popular for his appearances on “Bakusho On Air Battle” and “M-1 Grand Prix. In 2005, he began his career as a DJ. He has performed at many outdoor festivals and events. Dinoji Otani’s DJ performances, filled with entertainment elements, and his partner Daichi, who has won consecutive air guitar world championships, continue to bring smiles and a whirlwind of enthusiasm to the audience. Currently, the duo has moved their base of activities to Kyushu and is active throughout Japan.

Formed in 2002, this dance unit consisting of Yoshio Obara and Machaaki got their big break in 2015 with the rhythm piece “Honnoji no Hen”. In the same year, five of their videos were ranked among the top 10 most popular videos uploaded to YouTube. The “Honnoji no Hen” currently has over 520,000 registered users, and has been viewed over 73 million times! He is a multi-talented dancer who has been actively touring live and is unique among street dancers. He also choreographs dances for artists, performs in plays as an actor, MC for events, and teaches dance at elementary and junior high schools.

・The Rolling Monkey
The Rolling Monkey is a comedy duo consisting of Musashi and Katsuki. Musashi is from Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture. They graduated from NSC Fukuoka at the top of their class and formed the duo in 2019, making regular appearances on KBC’s “Asades Radio” and RKB Radio’s “Antachaburu”. They are energetically active based in Fukuoka, appearing at the Yoshimoto Fukuoka Daiwafan Trap Theater.

⚫️ Application period
August 30, 2023 9:00 (Wed) – October 10, 2023 23:00 (Tue)

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We want to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle construction with a smile!

⚫️Goal amount

4 million yen

・Format: Normal type / All or Nothing type
※In the All or Nothing format, the donation will be received only when the total amount of donations raised during the period reaches the target amount.

⚫️ Use of funds
The funds will be used for the operation of the “Shimabara Castle 400th Anniversary Countdown Event” to be held on December 31, 2023 (Sunday).

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【Sponsoring Organization】
Organization: Executive Committee for the Commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of Shimabara Castle
Location: 537 Uemachi, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki 855-8555 (in Shimabara Tourism Division, Shimabara-shi)
Representative: Ryuzaburo Furukawa
URL :https://www.city.shimabara.lg.jp/default.aspx

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Crowdfunding Management Office:
Shimabara Castle Keep Office, Shimabara Tourism Bureau, Inc.
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