Let’s complete the stamp rally by visiting tourist attractions in Shimabara! Shimabara Overlapping Stamp Rally” has started!

With the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle construction coming up the following year, a new project will be held from April 25 (Tuesday) to allow visitors to enjoy touring Shimabara’s sightseeing spots.
By stamping five stamps located in Shimabara Castle and the town where carp swim, visitors will be able to create a picture-like design depicting Shimabara Castle and its stonewalls from the most beautiful viewpoints. The back of the commemorative postcard given to visitors upon entry to Shimabara Castle and Shimei-so serves as the exclusive stamp mount.

The stamp rally is an event in which visitors accumulate stamps while touring Shimabara Castle and the other four facilities.
Stamps will be placed at a total of five locations: two in the Shimabara Castle Keep, and three facilities in the town where carp swim (Yusui Garden Shimeisou, Tourist Information Exchange Center Seiryutei, and Koi Cafe Yusuikan), You can get a stamp at each of these facilities. The stamps are designed to complete the beautiful design of Shimabara Castle when all stamps are completed.

This is a new event that allows visitors to enjoy sightseeing in Shimabara while experiencing Shimabara’s history and culture, The aim of this new event is to make your visit to Shimabara more enjoyable and memorable by experiencing Shimabara’s history and culture while touring its sightseeing spots. For those who visit Shimabara, We hope that visitors to Shimabara will take advantage of this opportunity to fully enjoy the charms of Shimabara.

Shimabara Overlapping Stamp Rally

◎ Date and time

April 25, 2023 (Tuesday) from 9:00 a.m.

◎ Stamp Location

  1. Entrance of Shimabara Castle Keep
  2. Shimabara Castle Keep 5th Floor Observation Deck
  3. Shimeisou, a spring garden in the town where carp swim
  4. Town of swimming carp “Sightseeing Information Exchange Center Seiryutei
  5. Koi Cafe Yusuikan” in the town where carp swim

※ The patterns can be completed in any order.

◎ Dedicated mount

  • Backside of Shimabara Castle Entrance Postcard
  • Back side of Shimei-so Entrance Postcard

※ Entry to Shimabara Castle and Shimeisho are charged.
※ One postcard will be distributed to all visitors who pay for admission to Shimabara Castle and Shimeisho.

For more information, please contact Shimabara Castle at 0957-62-4766 (9:00-17:30).