Shimabara Castle Town Walking Quiz Rally

Shimabara Castle Town Strolling Quiz Rally Sales start at 11:00 on Monday, March 7, 2022

We will start selling “Shimabara Castle Town Walking Quiz Rally” in which visitors will solve questions related to Shimabara Castle and various spots in the castle town of Moritake, which will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its construction in 2024, as they stroll around.
This quiz rally was planned in cooperation with the Shimabara Tourism Bureau and the Moridake Shopping Arcade.
There are two types of quiz rallies, one for elementary school students and the other for adults, so anyone can enjoy the quiz rally.
Those who complete the quiz rally will receive original goods! The first one is an original sticker♪



Shimabara Castle Town Walking Quiz Rally ※ All prices are tax included.

◎ Sales period

March 7, 2022 (Monday) 11:00- Available at any time

◎ Sales locations (sales hours)

3 locations (~15:00)

  1. Shimabara Castle Ticket Office (9:00-15:00)
  2. Moritake Sake Brewery ~LunaBase~ (11:00-15:00) ※Closed every Tuesday
  3. Shimabara Station Tourist Information Center (9:00-15:00)

※Please answer the questions at the sales location during business hours.

◎ Sales Price

Beginner’s and advanced level sets, 500 yen each (consists of two books: Shimabara Castle version and Castle Town Moritake version)

  • Also available separately (300 yen/book)
  • Admission fee to Shimabara Castle is required separately (Adults 550 yen / Elementary, junior high and high school students 280 yen / Preschool children free)
  • Elementary: For elementary school students ※Parental accompaniment recommended for younger elementary school students
  • Advanced: For junior high school students and older

◎ Experience time

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (about 45 minutes per book) ※ Time is an estimate due to individual differences in response time, etc.

◎ Privilege for clearing the test

Original goods present ※First original sticker





Inquiries: Shimabara Sightseeing Bureau Co.

Shimabara Castle Keep Office, Shimabara Tourism Bureau Co.