Castle Monster: Castle Escape Game will be held on November 25th!

Castle Monster
Riddle Solving Game at Shimabara Castle at Night
Challenger wanted!


The Castle Monster family has been living in Shimabara Castle for 400 years.


This is a castle escape game where you solve riddles scattered around the castle keep and aim to reach the top floor. The entire castle, the third tallest in Japan, will be rented out for this real-life mystery-solving game.


The game will be held for one night only on November 25 ㈯! Tickets are on sale now at Ticket Pia (P code 651934)!


Shimabara Castle will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its construction in 2024

Challengers waiting for the Castle Monster to open


Using their smartphones, visitors will solve riddles posed by demons lurking on each floor. Only those who solve the riddles will be able to see the fantastic view of Shimabara Castle at night, which is usually off-limits to visitors. Will you be able to see this mysterious phenomenon in person?


Giant shadow puppets of Shimabara Castle floating in the dark night


The mystery-solving game in collaboration with Kyushu University’s Mystery Solving Project Quest is full of excitement and thrills. The riddles are not easy to solve and require a great deal of inspiration. Beginners will be accompanied by a butler (staff member) so that they can try out the game without any worries.




We are looking forward to seeing you with your family, friends, and couples.