[Expedition Information] March 2 (Sat.)-3 (Sun.) “Nippon Castle Festival feat! About the “Japan Castle Festival Feat.

On March 2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.), 2024, we will participate in the “Nippon Castle Festival feat! Shimabara Castle will be exhibited at the “Nippon Castle Festival feat. The Shimabara Castle Shichimangoku Busyoutai will also be on hand.
Please see below for details.

●Event name
Nippon Castle Festival feat! Castle EXPO in Aichi
※Paid tickets are required for admission.

Nagoya City Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Hall, Fukiage Hall, Aichi

●Date & Time
Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3

We will be offering hospitality and selling goods at the “Shimabara Castle” booth.
Please refer to the image below for details.
There will be no performance.
Warlords in battle: Shigemasa Matsukura, Shiro Amakusa
Please refer to the following website for details of the event.