“Shimabara Castle Seal Book” will be on sale from November 1!

Nowadays, “castle seal books” are indispensable for those who visit castles. Shimabara Castle also sells castle tokens, and to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the castle’s construction in 2024, the “Shimabara Castle Seal Book” will be on sale from November 1 (Wed.).


The “Shimabara Castle Seal Book” is a bellows-fold book with 42 transparent pockets on one side and can hold castle seals of 205 mm (H) x 154 mm (W).
The back of the book is designed to allow direct writing, so you can also write the hanaoshi (signature) of the Shimabara Castle Shichimangoku. Warrior Squadron or a travel record of your castle tours.

The cover is a chic black leather design. It is moist to the touch and has a special luxurious feel.


The illustrations on the cover represent the four seasons of Shimabara Castle. The design is also by Shigemasa Matsukura of “Shimabara Castle Shichimangoku Busyoutai,” who lovingly depicts the beautiful seasons of Shimabara. The family crests of the four clans and 19 generations of castle lords are prominently displayed.


▲Right (front cover): Unzen Fugendake and Bizan (Mt. Bizan) seen from the castle tower in spring, the moat of Shimabara Castle in early summer, and lotus blossoms.
Left (back cover): The castle tower and plum blossoms in winter, the statue of Shiro Amakusa and ginkgo trees in autumn.


How about a Shimabara Castle Seal Book to accompany your castle tour?


Shimabara Castle Seal Book
Sales start on Nov. 1, 2023 (Wed.)
November 1, 2023 (Wed.) 9:00~
※Pre-sale will be held at the Kokura Castle Festival booth on October 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.).

Sales Location
◆Shimabara Castle Keep Ticket Office
※Ticket sales will take place during the opening hours of 9:00-17:30.
※Tickets will not be sold at nighttime events (e.g., nighttime camps, etc.).

◆Scheduled to be sold at various events, etc.

◆Shimabara Castle Seal book (single item) 2,750 yen (tax included)
◆Shimabara Castle Seal (regular edition) set 2,850 yen (tax included)