[October 14, 2023] Information about the “44th Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival” and the performance at Shimabara Castle on the day of the festival!

The Shimabara Castle Shichangoku Warrior Squadron will go to the “44th Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival” on Saturday, October 14. Due to this, there will be no performance at Shimabara Castle on certain dates and times.
Please see below for details.

●Event name
The 44th Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival

★History Dedication Parade
Shimabara Ichibangai – Sunshine Chuo Street
(Otonashigawa Street, Nakabori-cho, Shimabara City, Nakabori-cho, Shimabara City, starting from the entrance of the arcade)

★Otemon Market Stage
In front of Shimabara City Hall

Saturday, October 14, 2023
★Historical dedication parade 10:50 Departure ★Otemon Market Stage 12:30~
※Time may change depending on the situation.

Participation in the Historical Dedication Parade
※Performances will be given in the parade.
Performance on the Otemon Ichiba Stage

●Warlords in battle
All warriors

●Event HP

※Please note that the military commanders will not be at Shimabara Castle during the event. Please understand.

●The performance will be cancelled on the following dates and times
・October 14 (Sat.) 14:00
・October 15 (Sun.) 11:00

Please note that the performance will be cancelled due to the performance at the event and the event to be held at Shimabara Castle. Thank you for your understanding.