400th Anniversary

Commencement of the sale of the frame postage stamps commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle

Shimabara Castle will celebrate its 400th anniversary next year.
To commemorate the 400th anniversary, we will start selling “Shimabara Castle 400th Anniversary Commemorative Frame Postage Stamps” on August 18 (Fri.)!
The commemorative postage stamps feature the rich nature of Shimabara Castle, including seasonal flowers, as well as a rare photo of only the stone walls of the castle, the castle tower having been removed due to an ordinance abolishing the castle during the Meiji Era (1868-1912), The stamps also feature a rare photo of only the castle tower, which was removed due to the abolition of the castle in the Meiji era (1868-1912), and a photo of the Shimabara Castle Shichimangoku Warrior Squadron.


The details of the commemorative stamp sales are as follows.

[Release Date]
The stamps will go on sale on August 18, 2023 (Friday), and will be available for purchase on the web from 0:15 a.m. on August 25, 2023 (Friday).

[Sales Locations]
○All post offices in Nagasaki Prefecture (308 post offices) *Excluding some simplified post offices. 1,200 sheets
○Post Office Internet Shop (Web) 99 sheets
○Shimabara Tourism Bureau (Shimabara Castle Keep, Shimabara Castle Shop, Seiryutei, Shimabara Station Tourist Information Center, Shimabara Port Tourist Information Center): 400 sheets

[Product Contents]
Frame stamps: 1 sheet (10 x 84 yen stamps)

[Sales price (tax included)]
○Post office: 1,330 yen per sheet ※ Postage fee will be charged for the frame stamps handled by the post office’s online store.
○Shimabara Tourism Bureau: 1,400 yen per sheet

[Commemorative stamp design]