Shimabara Castle Camping” Special Accommodation Plan

Staying in a campervan in a castle, or “castle camping” for short!
A special plan to enjoy Shimabara sightseeing is now available as part of the Camping Trailer Overnight Experience Plan!
This is a very economical plan, so please take this opportunity to experience it.

Click here for trailer specifications ☞ ACE One 330DL (ACE Caravans)
Basic facilities: 1 semi-double bed, 1 single bed, air conditioning and heating in all rooms, refrigerator, FREE Wi-Fi

Plan details ① Shimabara Enjoyment Plan(1 night for 2 persons)

◎ Trailer 15,400 yen(tax included)

  • Overnight stay for 2 persons
  • Hotel Nanpu-Ro Hottentottori Tachiyori Yu (hot spring) bathing coupon for 2 persons ※To be used by the next day of your stay.
  • 1 box of Shimabara’s famous confectionery, “Sakura Mamoru,” a combination of Lucky Cherry beans
  • 1 box of Shimabara’s famous confectionary “Ganba Monaka”(6 pieces)
  • 2 beauty packs Shimabara Bijin face mask
  • Beauty Pack: Unzen Bijin Face Mask 2pcs
  • Beauty Pack: 2 Obama Bijin Face Mask

Shimabara Castle Camping Plan (1 night for 2 persons)

◎ Trailer 15,400 yen (tax included)

※ In case of rain, the plan will be changed to the Shimabara Enjoyment Plan.

  • Overnight stay 2 persons
  • Hotel Nanpu-Ro Hottentottari Tachiyori Yu (2 tickets) * Please use by the next day of your stay.
  • Outdoor equipment rental (tarp tent, table bench set, 2 captain chairs, LED work light, tripod, extension cord)
  • Electric grill rental
  • Megurin ticket for 2 persons + 1 parking space
  • Beauty Pack Shimabara Bijin〈Face Mask〉2pcs
  • Beauty Pack: 1 Unzen Bijin face mask
  • Beauty Pack: 1 Obama Bijin Face Mask
  • Click here for details of rental items → List of rental items PDF

Only one trailer/camper is available for all dates. Please check the calendar for available dates. ※Please note that we may not be able to accept your reservation at the time of application.

◎ How to make a reservation

Please make a reservation by phone, fax or e-mail at least 2 days prior to your stay.
TEL:0957-62-4766 / FAX:0957-73-9766 / E-mail: 46can@shimabaraonsen.com

For reservations by fax or e-mail, please fill out the application form and send it to us.
JOCAN Accommodation Plan Application Form Word / JOCAN Special Accommodation Plan Application Form PDF

※ Please fill in the name of the representative person who will be staying with you.
※ If you are applying by fax, please include your fax number so that we can reply to you.
※ If you cannot fill in the application form, please fill in the necessary information and send it to us.

◎ Payment Method

Cash or PayPay/LINEpay at the Shimabara Castle Tenshukaku Ticket Office

◎ Cancellation

Up to 5:30 p.m. 2 days prior to the date of use after reservation: Free of charge
After reservation is confirmed, from 17:30 two days prior to the date of use to the day of use: 100% of the total amount of the reservation

◎ Notes

  • Please make payment and pick up the key at the Tenshukaku Ticket Office between 14:00 and 17:00.
  • There is no bathroom in the trailer. Please use the nearby hot spring facilities.
  • We ask our guests to bring their own bedding. We do not have pillows, etc. Please make sure to bring your own.
  • The room rate is for one room (for two persons). Please feel free to call us if you would like to stay in a room with more than the maximum number of guests.
  • Megurin Ticket can be used the day after your stay. Click here for details of Megurin Ticket ☞ Megurin Ticket
  • Please click here for other precautions regarding your stay.To our overnight guests [Notes]


Shimabara Castle Keep Office ☎0957-62-4766


For those using the regular plan, please click here☟

※ Only local payment for the regular plan is eligible for the campaign.