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It is a sharing service that connects guests who want to enjoy a car trip comfortably in the car and hosts who want to provide a parking lot and sightseeing experience.

Power cannot be supplied, but like the RV Park, toilets can be used 24 hours a day and garbage can be disposed of.


Rate (hotel fee) 

     All day 3,000 (tax included)

Available time 

     15:00-Next day 12:00

Number of installation 

     1 passenger compartment

      (1 pairs available)

    ☝Click here for reservation


・24 hours available toilet ・Water supply

・Free WiFi ・Smoking area

・vending machine ・surveillance camera

・Pets allowed


〈Parking space〉

Number of cars that can be parked 1 car

Parking space per vehicle is 5 m width.

Parking space per car is unlimited height. 

Parking space per vehicle is 5m length.

※Click here for a reference vehicle size chart


Contact Us

Shimabara Tourism Bureau  Shimabara Castle

TEL 0957-62-4766

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