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By 島原城スタッフ 23年 ago
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 Japan’s first!

“Shirokyan” of the Shimabara Castle –   The castle camper van for a night.

A camper van for a night at the castle.

It is “Shirokyan”

has started!!

 It is rare in Japan the castle camper van for a night which can stay only at the Shimabara castle which has a parking lot in the main bailey.

Why don’t you stay for a night at the background the illuminated castle.

Whether you are a camper user or not, you can have a camper night at Shimabara Castle! !!



〖Details from each icon☟〗


 Camper van    Camping trailer

  【Those who do not have a camper or trailer】



AC use     No AC used Carstay

A private car is also available!


  A rental

 Only available to those who have booked “Shirokyan” of the Shimabara Castle.

All 4 styles are located on the north east side of the main bailey parking lot and the view spots are not only the castle tower of the Shimabara Castle but also the newest Mt. Heiseishinzan and the Ariake sea.



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